Q:  You are on location.  What does that mean? 

A:  On location means that we currently work without a studio.  We do have backdrops and props that we bring to eash session just as if we were in a studio.  Since we come to you there are lots more options than in a studio.  For instance, you have the comfort of your home or place of business to touch up make up, change outfits, add an animal to your session, allow your child to rest in between photos, etc.  We also work outside in a location chosen by us or your favorite location if you prefer. 

Q:  How far will you travel for a photo session?

A: I: The distance we travel depends on the type of session.  For senior portraits, maternity or new baby sessions, and children or family portraits we travel up to 60 miles from LaVale, Maryland free of charge.  After the first 60 miles we add .35 cents per mile to your session.  Example:  Winchester, Virginia is 65 miles from LaVale so the charge would be $1.75 to your total, due the day of session. 

A: II:  The distance we travel for weddings, bridal shoots with a booked wedding, and engagement portraits with a booked wedding is much further.  We travel 150 miles from LaVale.  This includes without extra fees, Baltimore, MD, Harrisburg, PA, Washington D.C., Winchester, VA, and so on.  If you have questions please e-mail or call us. WE DO TRAVEL TO NYC AND PHILLY FOR WEDDINGS FOR AN ADDITIONAL $500 TO ANY PACKAGE INCLUDING BRIDAL SESSIONS!  (We don't charge milage for NYC or PHILLY only the $500 flat fee plus the package price or CD only price.)

Q:  May I mix and match my poses, outfits, and people to make my package?

A:  You may mix and match any of the pictures/poses we took during your session to make a package which suits your needs/likes. You may not mix and match pictures/poses from a seperate session, i.e. last years Spring session, to make a package.  Please be aware however, wallets must be ordered with each pose in multipules of 2's.  

Q:  I don't want to buy a whole print package.  May I buy just a CD or just certain prints?

A:  You do not have to buy a package.  We do offer prints without a package or as extras with a package as well as CD's without a print package or in addition to a print package.  Please contact us for current prices for prints and CD's.   

If you didn't get an answer to your question from this form please contact us with your question.  We will be happy to answer any addional quesions you may have.  Thank you.  LeePhotography